Card of the Week ===== Week 3 Monster Reborn

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Card of the Week ===== Week 3 Monster Reborn

Post  Big_Sav on Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:30 pm

An all time favourite in anyone's Deck.

This powerful yet simple card allows for easy set-up's, game winning combos
or the replenishment of advantage which was just lost.
There's nothing this card can't do.

However, one thing you've got wonder, why is it Limited once again?

There's no real downside to Monster Reborn.

It's costless revival from either player's Grave and with it, can easily turn the tide of any game.
Dating back to LOB days, Monster Reborn has never been a bad card, so why can such a broken card
be allowed to be playable in the current meta game?
My answer?
There's no decent reason that suggests this should be at 1.
Take a look at it this way:


Revival from either Grave
Not limited in Type at all
A Spell, making it easy to play
Possibly the most broken Top Deck going around.


It's Limited.

Putting in that sense makes you wonder the reasoning behind the limitation, but then, the same can be said for Brain Control
which has been present for the last 4-5 formats when it should have been at 0.

Although, it does make deck building that much easier, cause there's always 1 card you can count on being there Very Happy


Advanced 6/5
Traditional 6/5


The 6/5 is fully intentional.

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