Card of the Week === Week 4 - Black Rose Dragon

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Card of the Week === Week 4 - Black Rose Dragon

Post  Big_Sav on Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:26 pm

I'm sure everyone knows this one.

One of the 5 signer dragons, epic in it's own way...

Packs 2 very powerful effects and dead easy to summon.
There's nothing you can't like about this card.
Well there was, it was limited.

With the addition of 2 Black Roses to your Extra Deck, the prospects on having easy access to 3 complete Field Nukes
is absolutely, especially in the current metagame.
However with great power, can come with some serious drawbacks.
Mainly, Starlight Road. Black Rose is an easy target for the field nuking powers of BRD, especially because at least 2 targets will
be affected by it.
Then again, there's always the nifty second ability, that seems to get overlooked often......
Simply by removing a Plant-Type monster, you can force Defense Position monsters into Attack and make their ATK 0.
Giving a practical free shot at your opponent's LP.

With Monster Reborn in tow, Black Rose can be quite powerful, especially after a field nuke, where it's re-summonable and able to directly attack.
If used wisely, this card's potential is unreal.


Generic Synchro Requirements
Level 7
2 Powerful Effects
Field Nuker


Starlight Road target
2400 ATK, can't beat Stardust
Second effect can trigger FLIP Effects

As you can see, BRD is worth the space in any Extra. Regardless of the fact Starlight Road can
be it's worse enemy.


Advanced 5/5 (This format)
Traditional 3/5 (Better Nukers and Level 7 Synchros available)

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Re: Card of the Week === Week 4 - Black Rose Dragon

Post  Mr. Troll on Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:45 pm

You forgot a rating
Mr. Troll

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