Card of the Week 2 === Caius the Shadow Monarch

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Card of the Week 2 === Caius the Shadow Monarch

Post  Big_Sav on Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:30 am

There's not much you can't like about Caius.
He's easily the best monarch out there and his splashability is what makes him dangerous.
Able to RFG any card upon summon can be quite a powerful tactic, especially if the right card is picked.

Mained in alot of Decks throughout the meta, at a minimum of 2 shows the kind of influence he is having.

Rumours have it, he might be limited soon, personally, i feel this is unnecessary.
Although, Caius in his own right is brilliant, he's balanced enough to leave him at 3.... any fewer would simply damage
the usefulness of the card itself.

Let's see why Caius is as good as he is:


2400 ATK
1 Tribute
Removes 1 card upon summon
Can inflict burn damage
Easily splashable due to the ability to swarm in the current Meta


2400 ATK, can't bypass threats like Stardust
Subject to chainable Traps or Spells on summon
Requires 1 Tribute

As you can clearly see, Caius is worth the Deck space.


Advanced: 4.5/5
Traditional: 4/5


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