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you can download hamachi here

its pretty simple to use

you'll have a hamachi ID number witch usualy looks like this x.xx.xx.xxx (where "x" is a number) and has 6 didgets, when your in the hamachi room in KCVDS when you go to create a duel you must change it from an IP match to a HAM match, and then where your IP is replace it with your 6 didget hamachi number.

now creating networks
pretty simple to use, no real explanation here.

joining someones server
ok, so when you try to join someones server its pretty simple, put in there server name and password, but please note it is case sensitive so make sure you have capitals where needed otherwise it will tell you that there server does not exist

appart from that a few other things i can reall mention is that there is a chat option, wether it be to an individual or an entire server, so you can seek duels that way.

hopefully this has helped a bit

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