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Kaiba Corp Virtual Duel System

ok, so have you ever been at home, thinking about what deck you should use for the upcoming tournament or event, but havnt had anyone to play test against? well here is some free software to download and play that can help you test your builds before you use them, allowing you to see what works and what doesnt, ultimately allowing you to tweak your deck to your perfection.

there is no credit needed to obtain cards, no money needed to buy cards, every card released so far is in this game, so say you wanna use an x - saber deck but dont own any of the cards, you can build an x - saber deck and play it on the game.

this also helps me decide what my next project will be, allowing me to play test the deck before i spend the money on the cards to play it in real life.

now if you want to play this game, you can link up via IP matches, but it is much better to play the game with hamachi (i will link it in another thread with basic instructions for use).

hamachi allows you to play the game with minimum lag.

basic "need to know" things about KCVDS

to gain or lose life points you merely do this in the chat box

/sub xxxx
/add xxxx

where "xxxx" being the number of life points gained or lost so for example /sub 1200

now for dice rolls, all you do is


simple yes?

and for coins

(not sure wether this feature was changed but this is how it was when i used it last)

anyways, it is over all fun to play, takes some getting used to but when you learn to play its a breeze, hopefully some of you will join it

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