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Rules for Adelaide Duelist Forums

Post  Big_Sav on Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:48 pm

Hey guys and gals,

There is always a serious side to everything and here it is.


Thats right, Rules.

These rules are law. Follow them and there won't be any trouble.

Rule 1: Staff Have Final Say
Moderators of Adelaide Duelist Forums have been appointed to their positions because they have the confidence of the administration. This means, essentially, whatever they say goes, whether it be locking a thread or banning a member. If you are not a moderator yourself, you do not have a say on what the site moderation does - that is called "backseat moderation". If you want to help the moderation team, PM a moderator and address the issue.

You must follow moderators instructions at all times. It's their job to keep the forum running smoothly and if they ask you to do something it is indeed for the good of the forum.

Moderators do, however, have to abide by these rules, so if you feel a moderator has made an incorrect or unfair decision, bring it up with them in a calm manner. Attacking a moderator will likely get you into even more trouble. If that does not work, feel free to contact an administrator.

Rule 2: No inappropriate content

Adelaide Duelist Forums is a family-friendly forum home to users of all ages. Members may not post, or link to, anything that a reasonable person would consider R18+. Coarse Language is not necessarily accepted but must be used in discretion. What is inappropriate will be determined by moderators on a case-by-case basis. If you are unsure, feel free to PM a member of staff and ask for clarification before you make your post.

Rule 3: No illegal content

Simply, it is prohibited for users to post any content that breaks any laws or infringes copyright. This includes, but is not limited to, information and resources relating to hacking, promotion of terrorism (including cyber-terrorism), and so on. If you are unsure, feel free to PM a member of staff and ask for clarification before you make your post.
Giving out personal information is done so at own risk.

Rule 4: No Plagarism

Don't take credit for something that isn't your own creation or idea. Credit should be given where credit is due.

Rule 5: No spamming

"Spam" has many definitions and comes in many forms. On this forum, it is prohibited to consistently make short posts that have no real input to the topic, posting twice in a row of the same thread within a 24-hour period, post a thread in the wrong location (i.e. You cannot post Decks in the General section, etc.), intentionally go off-topic in a thread, flood any part of the board with threads and/or replies, "stalk" another member's threads and/or replies, make threads and/or replies identical or almost identical in nature to ones that already exist, and etc. If you are unsure, feel free to PM a member of staff and ask for clarification before you make your post.

Advertising also falls within the bounds of spam. On Adelaide Duelist Forums, while some things are acceptable, it is prohibited to advertise real-life products or similar, non-internet related goods, services, or information anywhere on Adelaide Duelist Forums, whether it being in a thread, reply or profile field.

Rule 6: No trolling

Like Spam, "trolling" has many defintions and comes in many forms. Posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response and disrupting normal, civil, on-topic discussion is just one definition of trolling on this forum. Essentially, if you are told by a moderator that you are trolling, you must cease that behaviour.

Adelaide Duelist Forums is a place where nobody should feel harassed. Harrassing another member of this forum in any way, on or off the forum, will never be tolerated, no matter what you think that person did to "deserve" such treatment.

Bottom Line:

Follow the rules, make some friends, have a good time.

These rules are purposefully vague as there is no way that every breach of them can possibly be anticipated. Stating something was not precisely covered in the rules will be ignored. Staff do indeed have the final say.


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