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Re: Cyber Dinosaur

Post  Astroduelist on Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:10 pm

Some of you guys might laugh at me for this but i am interested in your opinions so please feel free to tell me exactly what you think....

I am considering running this card at 2, in replace of the 2 Cyber Dragons that i have in a deck that runs 3 Cauis and D.A.D.

This is his effect for those of you who dont know

Light Monster: Attk 2500: Deff 1900
When your opponent Special Summons a Monster from there hand you can Special Summon this card from your hand.

Shocked Very Happy

I really believe that this will be an awsome card this format....
Every deck in the Meta that i can think atm Special Summons from the hand ALMOST every turn (especially X-Sabers and Blackwings), so in this format i dont think it would ever be a "dead card" in your hand...
I also personally believe that he could slow down OTK'S almost as well as Gorz, without taking the damage that it takes to first bring Gorz out Smile

The last point i want to make on Cyber Dinosaur, is that in a format where Cyber Dragon has been unlimited.... how annoying would it be to my opponent when i have my Spy set, they Special there Cyber Dragon which can run over my Spy, and i Special my Dinosaur which has 4 hundred more than Dragon and now they have an extra problem that thay have to use more of there resources to dispose of Very Happy

I say to you guys to think of all the times when your Opp Specials from there hand, and to be able to bring out a 2500 beater on the spot for them to deal with right there and then ??? I think being able to pose that sort of problem to your Opp is worth a serious mention Wink

What do you guys think?

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Re: Re: Cyber Dinosaur

Post  Big_Sav on Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:46 pm

wrong area man, but thats cool.

it's ok, but, problem 1:

it's a machine, so thats Fortress food.
problem 2:
if your oppoent doesn't special? then your in trouble. alot of decks these days
main oppression and dont SS except in the Damage Step (i.e Shura), making
Dino useless

problem 3:

it's level 7..... seeing as you synchro a fair bit, level 6 would be handy.

might be an idea to test it, but i'd run Battle Fader over this.......


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