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welcome all

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 03, 2010 1:53 pm

welcome to ADF, feel free to join and post.

a while back there was a site similar to this known as "yugimonz" and i remember how helpful it was to the local yugioh players when it came to deck advice, trades and keeping everyone up to date with new releases and events and so on.

so what i have done is i have tried to recreate a similar forum to get that helpful resource back for all the players, but this time it will not be a forum for strictly infinity games players, it will be a forum for players all over adelaide, people who enter in the tournaments in adelaide.

now just a quick word about some rules...

-no abusing fellow members for any reason, we wanna keep it clean here
-no posting rude content or offensive content
-no spamming or trolling, everyone hates a troll

people who break these simple rules will have there accounts temporarily suspended, people who continue to break these rules on numerous occasions will be perminantly banned.

over all have fun here and i hope the site can help everyone.


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